Phil’s primary areas of expertise are employment, labor, and healthcare law. However, over the years Phil has provided counsel to companies and individuals in many different legal areas. 

Phil finds great satisfaction in providing counsel and guidance which allows clients to meet their goals.  His years of experience can help clients avoid legal problems and, if legal problems arise, resolve them in the most effective and cost-efficient matter.

Employment Law

  • Phil counsels employers on legal compliance and human resource management.
  • Phil represents employers in state and federal court and before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Department of Labor, Ohio Civil Rights Commission and Michigan Department of Civil Rights.

Labor Law

  • Phil is a primary spokesperson for employers in collective bargaining.
  • Phil represents employers in numerous labor arbitrations.
  • Phil represents employers before the National Labor Relations Board.


  • Phil had been primary outside counsel for a small rural hospital for over twenty years.
  • Phil represented and counseled doctors and their practices.

Riparian Rights

  • Phil represents front and back lot owners in riparian rights disputes.

Commercial Litigation

  • Phil represents clients in a wide variety of commercial disputes, including contract disputes, insurance issues, dissenting shareholders, and unfair competition claims.

Transitioning Through New Leadership of the Closely-Held Business

Our client took over as CEO of a third generation family business on the brink of failing. The new CEO managed to stabilize its financial condition and return the company to profitability. However, two former executives of the company, one a family member and the other a long time employee, still had significant positions in the company and remained minority shareholders. Both presented financial, performance, and interpersonal obstacles to the company’s new direction.

Our Approach
Acting as partners with the new CEO, we analyzed the situation, assessed risks and rewards, and in a clear, straightforward fashion we devised a plan to resolve the problem. The guiding principle was determining whether the former executives were assets or liabilities. 

Through a combination of documentation, execution and bringing the right resource to the problem, one former executive was terminated amicably, and without litigation, while the other transitioned to a position which utilized his strengths at a more appropriate compensation level.

Contact Phil

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P 517-423-5404
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  • Get to know Phil 

    I would rather be outside. I enjoy golf, hunting, canoeing, walking, boating, and other outdoor activities. While inside, I enjoy reading, following sports, and cooking.

    I have been married to Robin for a long time and we have two adult children.


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