Kathryn grew up on a family farm and focuses her practice on estate planning (wills, trusts, health care directives), elder care and elder law, pipeline law-oil and gas, real estate, and commercial transactions. Kathryn serves individual clients, small business owners, and has a personal interest in assisting family farmers. She is married to Mark Prielipp, Britton, Michigan. Kathryn and Mark, and their children, are owners of Mark Prielipp Greenhouse & Mohr.

Kathryn is passionate about listening and understanding what is “keeping her clients up at night” whether it be transitioning the family farm to the farming child, selling their business or choosing who should serve to administer their estate.  She helps clients solve these issues with legally binding plans.

Estate Planning

  • By using minority interest and lack of marketability discounts, Kathryn transitioned a closely-held family manufactured company to the third generation and greatly reduced the federal estate tax.
  • Kathryn established a family farm limited liability company for three children who wanted to carry on their fourth generation family farm and wanted to provide a stable income for their farming brother.

Elder Law

  • Kathryn assists clients with memory-loss related illnesses with their future care needs and legal issues.
  • Kathryn defended forced guardianship and incompetency proceeding by a child against a parent, who had gifted the family farm to the farming child.

Real Estate

  • Kathryn resolved property disputes over riparian (“lake”) rights issues.
  • Kathryn successfully assisted in the sale of farms to achieve above-farm market value appraisal prices.

Oil and Gas Leasing, Pipeline Negotiation

  • Kathryn represented over 9 miles of pipeline settlements for 20 landowners totaling over $6 million including successfully re-negotiating the right-of-way language on a fixed fee basis, not a contingent fee.
  • Kathryn assisted clients in increasing the lease amounts and negotiating favorable terms to ensure their land is restored after mineral exploration.
  • Kathryn successfully negotiated the location and driveway for oil wells with oil companies and prohibited the release of all damages by oil companies.

Commercial Transactions

  • Kathryn represented a client in the refinancing of their $40 million dollar loan.
  • Kathryn represented a client with Michigan Higher Education Bond Financing.

USDA/FSA Program Disqualification


RCO Law’s farming clients experienced USDA/FSA (“FSA”) program disqualifications as a result of administrative errors, the actions of third-parties, or failure to respond to notices from the FSA office.

Our Approach

Based on our experience in agricultural matters and our dispute resolution skills, our clients looked to RCO Law to assist in resolving the issues. While not widely known, certain farm program violations can result in the disqualification of farming entities and all owners or affiliates from receipt of FSA payments.


Whether it took informal resolution with the County office officials, request to the State Committee, appeal to the National Appeals Division, or resolution with the State Conservationist, RCO Law was able to formulate an appropriate strategy and successfully ensure that our clients remained qualified for FSA programs.  Although there can be a large volume of mail received from the FSA, these mailings frequently contain formal determinations and strict deadlines for action.  If not promptly and properly responded to, opportunities for response and resolution can be lost.  It remains critically important that farmers closely examine all mail received from the FSA concerning farm programs.  If there are any issues or concerns raised by mail concerning these programs, RCO Law remains ready to assist.

Contact Kathryn

Offices Tecumseh, Michigan and Monroe, Michigan 
Email kmohr@rcolaw.com
P 517-423-5404
Assistant Stacey Grant  Email sgrant@rcolaw.com
P 517-423-5404
  • Get to know Kathryn 

    I spent my entire life on a family farm. I was born and raised on a farm in Rome Township, Michigan. My husband and I, and our three children, own and operate Mark Prielipp Greenhouse & Mohr, LLC, and Prielipp Ag Co., LLC in Britton, Michigan.


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