What Matters Most When Choosing Your Attorney

September 11, 2020

Legal services are vital to individuals and business. Relationships with attorneys can develop and prosper over a lifetime.

In addition to representing you in court, legal counsel can assist with executing a will, opening a business, or purchasing property, helping you navigate these tasks in your best interest.

Do your homework. Attorneys work in practice groups that are defined by areas such as estate planning, real estate, business, labor & employment, health care, family law and litigation.

Reputation and experience count. You can learn about attorneys through websites, case studies, local bar associations, or your family, friends, and co-workers.

Communication is important. Establish a good rapport and comfort level. Trust is the foundation of this relationship. You will be sharing details of your life and business. Attorneys are bound to confidentiality through the attorney/client privilege, but just as with choosing your doctor, you may be more comfortable with one attorney over another.

Understand fees and the compensation structure. Will you be billed before or after services? Will a flat fee be charged, or will the work be billed hourly?
Ask about the expected timeframe for the work and an estimate for services.

                                                 -Sarah J. Corney, Buzz Book, Fall 2020


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