Labor & Employment Updates: Understanding COVID Mandates and Accommodations

February 16, 2022

Attorney Amy Luck addressed the Waterville Chamber of Commerce on February 15 with a presentation on "Labor and Employment Updates". She discussed understanding COVID mandates and accommodations for employees. In the age of COVID, Amy suggested putting specific policies in place regarding working remotely and offering flexibility for employees.

In her opinion, some positions can be effective offsite if an employer approves and provides the necessary equipment and technical support. She suggested a trial period of 30, 60 or 90 days to evaluate results and to see if both employee and employer expectations can be met. She advocates establishing regular meetings to ensure good communication between employers and offsite employees.

Amy also discussed employee discipline. She recommends that employers have a written discipline policy that is realistic and enforceable by the employer. It could include a step-by-step process that begins with a verbal warning and can lead to suspension and eventually termination, but it can also be tailored to the individual employer.

Finally, Amy touched on social media and discipline - what can an employee post and what can they not post regarding an employer? Amy recommends a social media and technology policy that does not infringe on an employee’s protected rights but sets boundaries and expectations regarding use of company property. In addition, Amy outlined what a potential employer should and shouldn’t do with social media monitoring when vetting an individual for hire.

For additional information, contact Amy Luck at or 419-249-7900.

Attending the Waterville Chamber luncheon were (L to R) RCO Law Attorneys Kate Murray, Julia Wiley (board member) and Amy Luck; Carla Lammers (board president);
Jackie Lehman (executive director); and Attorney Sarah Corney.


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