Commercial Real Estate Dispute in Washtenaw

January 1, 1900


After many years of litigation with prior counsel, the client was dismayed to have incurred massive attorney fees and still had not received clear title to the property.

Our Approach

Persuaded not to abandon the long effort and threatened by the opponent, the client looked to RCO Law to recover clear title to the property and massive attorney fees incurred. After trial of the attorney fee issue and interest, an award was entered and over $3 million collected, after appeal through state, federal, and bankruptcy courts. Closing on the disputed real estate contract was completed, off-setting the balance owed with the judgment, before collecting the balance with interest. The litigation was contentious, including trial of the wealthy opponent’s competence in Bankruptcy Court, and appeals in virtually every Michigan venue. 


Clear title to the commercial real estate was obtained, and over $3 million was collected in Detroit Bankruptcy Court.

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