Attorneys Cory Tomlinson and Kyle Jazwiecki Speak at Lourdes College of Nursing About the Perils of Social Media

March 6, 2018

On February 21, 2018, attorneys Corey Tomlinson and Kyle Jazwiecki spoke to students at the Lourdes College of Nursing about the perils of social media use in their career. The growing presence of social media in society creates new concerns for professionalism and patient privacy. Nurses and other medical professionals need to be mindful that what may seem like a harmless post may contain confidential information protected by HIPAA. Some communications, like direct messages, emails, or text messages, may also present serious HIPAA concerns when they are done in violation  of an employer’s policies, or outside the purpose of furthering patient care.  For more information please contact: Kyle Jazwiecki at


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