Mohr to Present to Lenawee Students at Michigan AG Day

October 10, 2018

Kathryn M. Mohr will be speaking to approximately 400 seventh grade students from Lenawee and Hillsdale counties at AG Day on Thursday, October 11. AG Day – the first of its kind in Michigan - is sponsored by Lenawee Now, a public-private partnership dedicated to economic and business expansion throughout Lenawee County.  Ms. Mohr, a native of Lenawee County, is a partner in RCO Law.  She grew up on a family farm, and remains actively involved in family farming with her husband. She has a personal interest in assisting farmers in agri-business and succession planning.  The event is designed to motivate students to consider careers in agriculture-related fields. Students will witness technology in action and will engage with professionals in genetics, horticulture, precision agriculture, crop/soil science, landscape architecture, forestry, conservation and veterinary medicine. AG Day will take place in two locations: the Lenawee Intermediate School District’s Center for a Sustainable Future and Hudson Dairy.


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