New Partner Sarah Corney Featured in Wooster Magazine

June 28, 2019

Attorney Sarah Corney’s writing abilities led her to her legal career, according to “Writing Persona”, an article about Sarah in the Summer edition of Wooster Magazine.

Sarah is a 2006 graduate of the College of Wooster. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Toledo College of Law in 2010. Sarah joined RCO Law as an Associate in 2010 and was promoted to Partner earlier this year. Sarah practices at RCO offices in Toledo, Waterville and Findlay.

“One of the things that I took from Wooster is the ability to interact with and to cherish people who are different than I am... Sitting and having a long conversation with people I haven’t met before is what I do now on a daily basis.”

According to the article, as an attorney in estate planning, she is frequently learning about the intimate details of her clients’ lives in their first conversation.

“After one or two hours, I put together a plan for what it might look like for their children and their family if they passed away. I know how to get to know people really, really quickly, and it’s not a specific type of person, it’s all types of people.”

Understanding her clients and their families is something Corney has come to appreciate about her work as an attorney.

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